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Kutubul Aktab, Professor (Retd) Al-haj Hazarat Mawlana Mohammad Azharul Islam Siddiquee (Rahmat Ullah Alaihe) was honored with gold medal for his epoch making book Titled’’ A Philosophy of Astronomy’’

In regard the existence of Al mighty Allah he is only the first in the great book titled ‘’A Philosophy of Astronomy’’ written by him, he has done the world challenge to the entire world in regard the existence Al mighty  Allah which makes  down head of atheist of the world.

This great wonderful book is consisting of realization of Allah’s existence and possible to make link with him direct, a discussion based on his philosophy and science. A vivid discussion in regard expanding of Allah from the light of the Quran, The Hadith and Science has been done and from the logical point it has been shown. The person who does not do praying of Allah, he is inferior to inferior things. He was armature space scientist, He is in 1991 AD. Through space science  evening  existence of Allah. In the history he is more Muslim scientist who challenged the world as for existence of Allah. Era best Science based in this religious great book in regard great creation he in the light of Astronomy, Philosophy, Physiology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematic set, has given a vivid discussion.

The first: for his written book’’ A Philosophy of Astronomy, in the year 1999 on March 13, among about 200 Doctorates and Muslim Philosophers of the world as era best  topic he is awarded with gold medal by Dr. Sikander Ali Ibrahim Sahib, details has been Published in March, 1999 in the daily INQILAB.

The second:  As the best essay of the era writing A philosophy of Astronomy, for having gold medal inhabitants of Manikganj feeling pride from  the part of citizen comittec by ex-minister Colonel (Retd) Abdul Malik in February, 2000 AD conferred  him gold medal. On this occasion among others his colleagues of Debandra College, Present major of Manikganj Municipality, eminent persons were present. In view of renowned Islamic scholar and Researcher Dr. Harun-ur-Rashid (Lecturarer, D.M.C) if there is something in name of Modern Astronomy in Present   world, that is ’’ A philosophy of Astronomy’’

Designed by Mohd Nassir Uddin