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A Short Biography of Hazarat Mawlana Mufti D.Mohammad Munzurul Islam Siddiquee Sahib.


Birth of Murshed Kebla and his family:

The eminent Islamic Scholar, Philosopher, eminent medical scientist and researcher, Shaikul Hadith Hazarat Mawlana D.Mohammad Munzurul Islam Siddiquee sahib was born on March 9, the year 1966AD in a well-known, educated, wali and syed family at Siddiquenagar of Manikganj police station under Manikganj District.

Before his coming in the earth his father kutubul Aktab al-haj Professor Hazarat Mawlana Mohammad Azharul Islam Siddiquee sahib (Rahmat Ullah Alaihe). Falling tears Prayed to the great Allah, in his word, oh lord! Bestow me a son with giving him a soul like Hazarat great peer (gaudier) Abdul Kader Jilani (Rahmat Ullah Alaihe) and I will sacrifice this son in way of Allah.

The era best this high leveled wali whom has been taken on earth praying to Allah he is, indeed exception. His mother’s name is most. nurun nahar siddiqea, she is an ideal follower of Islamic code of life and a high leveled pious. In her regard, Kutubul Akteb said, what service of Islam been rendered by me that had been possible by dint of your Amma Huzur, if she would not make tidy all these things, would not be possible for me to do anything.

She is a daughter of very respectable family name of the grandfather of Dr. Mohammad Manzurul Islam Siddiquee Sahib is Al-Haj professor Hazarat Mawlana syed Mohammad Nasimuzzaman Siddiquee Sahib (Rahmat Ullah Alaihe), Who was a highly qualified ideal teacher of Terashiri college and pious Alim, he was famous as urdu poet. His grandfather’s father name Dr. Syed Abdul Jabbar Siddiquee sahib (Rahmat Ullah Alaihe) was a well- reputed surgeon and Islamic scholar. He was high leveled Poet in French. His ancestor from Bagdad of IRAQ via Kashmir came in this Country.


Education Life:

As a brilliant student he is well-known to teacher’s, He is exception from the inception of childhood. He was not involved with games like other ones. From his boyhood he would achieve knowledge from the Nature. He Completed Alim in the 1982 and Fazil in the year 1985 from Manikganj Islamia Senior Madrash. In subsequent. He stood 10th and 2nd in B.A(Hons) and M.A in Arabic respectively from the University of Dhaka. Side by side under University of Dhaka from Central Law College achieved L.L.B and from Mohammadpur Alia Madrasha obtained M.M(AL-Hadith) degree. By dint of Natural education and his father special blessing he had not to give much time in study. He did M.phil in Classical Arabic in 1994. There after, by his father order in the year 1998 under the Dhaka University as PHD researcher attended. The title of PHD research was IMMAM-E-AZAM ABU HANIFA (Rahmat Ullah Alaihe) his Contribution in the Fikha. His M.phil and PhD were Under the Supervision of country wide acceptable eminet Alim, the best Arabic specialist of Bangladesh, double gold medalists in Linguist writer of Lots of books A.N.M Abdul Mannan Khan Sahib, professor and Ex-chairman of the Department of Arabic, University of Dhaka. On December 12, in 2009AD. He was confered PhD Degree by hon’ble president of the Republic of Bangladesh and hon’ble Chancellor of the University of Dhaka Md.Zillur Rahman.

Side by side the securing knowledge of Arabic Literature Dr.Mohammad Manjurul Islam Siddiquee by the grace of Allah achieved vast knowledge in medical science, space science, Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Jurisprudence, Science of Hanafi jurisprudence etc. After completion B.A Hons, he just to appear in BCS cadre examination brought application form. Then his father said to his mother, he does not need to appear in BCS Examination, if he does so, he will be magistrate, then who will govern my Darbar? Saying so, he been forbidden from appearing in BSC Examination. From this, it can be realized he was beloved by his father from his boyhood.


Spiritual Great Contemplation life:

Dr.Mohammad Manjurul Islam Siddiquee sahib is wali by firth. He is from his boyhood in spiritual family grown up in complete Islamic Ideology-under the supervision of his Kutubul Aktab father. He was the follower of complete sunnah. By following completely sunnah if be led life in code of Islam, he how much can be nice, that is, if not be seen in his valatec pattern, not be possible to feel.

A largest part of his spiritual contemplation is to render service towards his Murshed Kebla and his father. He used to love his Murshed Kebla and his father. Should he would have any order from his father until it’s completion he would not end his endeavor. Whether the order so much so have, he used to observe in to with his utmost strength of his life, He from his boyhood was economical, intelligent, high minded and soft hearted. He would hate waste and idleness, His outlook is so high level. Once he collecting a piece of wood thrown from house has put with care inside of house. Then that piece of wood seeing his father said to his mother, who has brought it inside of house? She said who else will bring, your son Manzu has brought. Then Kutub Ul-Aktab prayed from his core of heart and said, see, my this son one day would keep in order all things my Darbar in tidy, after passed 30 years the say of Allah’s wali has being converted in reality. He taking on his shoulder responsibility of Talim-e-zikr of Darbar sharif Manikganj established by his father continually rendering restless labor with having great plan to increase task of preaching Islam all over the world . The day is not very so far when coming Non-Muslim citizen from local and abroad hearing recitation of Allah will embrace Islam with heart’s content.

There are a few important things in his spiritual contemplation. Among them one is during his boyhood when his father would involve in zikr of Allah (in remembrance of Allah) digging grave but in that tender age when his father would come out from the grave, he sitting inside of the grave would recite name of Allah. His father Kutubul Aktab would come home from college by cycle and would make travel in different territory to preach Islam. During his verily tender age, he would clean handle, pandle, and wheel make done it new.

Without depth Knowledge in Elem-e-Marfat (spiritual Knowledge) it is never be possible to do so on part of such tender aged boy.


Khilafat (Certificate) Achieved:

On 20th Falgun of the year 1999 Kutubul Aktab Al-haj Professor Hazarat Mawlana Mohammad Azharul Islam Siddiquee sahib (Rahmat Ullah Alaihe) conferred complete Khilafat of both Chistia saberia and Kaderia Tariqa to his qualified elder son Al-haj Hazarat Mawlana Mufti Dr.Mohammad Manzurul Islam Siddiquee sahib. His Grandfather house is situated in village Terashri paila under Ps: Ghior, he was conferred Khilafat before the grave of his grandfather and grandmother, That day in Therashiri, a number of Fakirs (saint) wearing red cloth with long hair were arrived. Then the year 1999 people in group by group would come to him to take oath and to see Kutubul Aktab where ever people would get him, in a body they would take oath. But that day those saint would not take oath to him father they said we would take oath, if your son done us so.

In word of Kutub Ul Aktab, then I found if the people don’t take oath, then they would be deprived of the boon of Allah, then This very moment before the grave of my parents, I gave Khilafat (certificate) to the servant of Allah Manzu. Then they took oath from Manzu. In regard to give Khilafat to him, I had been ordered from the part of Allah a long before but I was waiting a little delay all the more. These says in the year 1999 AD in yearly Islamic convention in presence of thousands and thousands people, he said, After giving him Khealfat in February in the year 2000 Kutub ul Aktab said, manzu is my son for this I have not given him Khilafat but he exception then you all, in respect to follow my character, he is better then you all, he never wasted time sitting in tea stall, he never smokes cigarettes, who else what else do, I know, he is a person of soft hearted, for this very reason, I given him Khilafat Apart this, Bring a person more qualified, more educated than him, I give him Khilafat. I left you all to a person who is kind hearted. If anyone ever wants to do anything against the Darbar, you all will declare jihad (fighting) against him, show me arising up two hands, then about three lakhs people uprising hands shows Allah’s wali.

Designed by Mohd Nassir Uddin